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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

At Santa Monica Cleaning Services we are in the business of giving you amazing results that exceed the industry standard. Our reliable professionals have an attention to detail that leaves the competition in the dust and over-delivers on quality house cleaning services that are unbelievable. When you hire a company for the first time you might not know what to expect, but we are transparent and efficient.

Professional House Cleaners

Our professional cleaners have the right tools and expertise to handle various tasks that include a thorough cleaning of your property. You will notice that we are adamant in making sure that all the critical areas are covered such as floors, structures, and elusive dust that can hinder your health and damage your home over time.

We offer you a clean house that will be properly managed and safely executed for future jobs so you can rely on us for a consistent plan of action. There are many messes that will hide from the common eye which is why we are deployed to handle the subtle situations with ease!

Housekeeping Done Right

When you hire Santa Monica Cleaning Services, you will be confident that the house cleaning will be done right the first time! You won’t have to worry about your personal satisfaction when it comes to our professional cleaners because we operate with your best interest in mind. We know that there are many health benefits that accompany our job which is why there is incredible attention to the problem areas of any home that other companies might miss. 

Your options include deep cleaning, window cleaning, and a thorough interior purge of dust, dirt, and grime! These accumulate over the months in abundance and our cleaning company is here to bring it to a higher standard.

Your Trusted Santa Monica Maid Service

We are the trusted and reliable maid service that you will be able to hire for the long term with results that have continuity and professionalism. There is nothing we can’t accomplish and no mess that is outside the realm of possibility. That is because our team is highly trained to handle even the most daunting situations and you don’t have to be embarrassed if your house is particularly in need of a deep clean because we’ve seen it all. If you’re throwing a party or having guests over for any other gathering then you can trust us to get things up to speed and everyone will notice!

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Expert Janitorial Service

We are your experts in the industry who are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice to handle the various challenges of cleaning your home. We use the highest quality materials and don’t settle for less when it comes to killing the harmful bacteria that might be lurking around. Our team will be able to examine any potential issues regarding mold or other problems that may require additional services so you’re well-informed.

We are wholly dedicated to solving your issues and giving you a breath of fresh air that will increase your physical and mental state to a considerable degree. You’d be surprised how much a dirty home can affect your health, and we will address these factors thoroughly!

Why Choose Santa Monica Cleaning Services?

We stand out from the crowd with impressive results because our staff is trained to go above and beyond. If we think there’s an area that needs a second pass then we will do it without question as our team is able to assess any given situation. It takes a keen eye to properly examine a home, and if you have a larger residence then it might be more of a challenge to keep everything clean. We are the perfect cleaning experts for you to call for expedient services that will get any given property clean quickly so you don’t have to stress over it.

Serving Santa Monica & Surrounding Areas

We are excited to be serving all those in Santa Monica & Surrounding areas with incredible results. There is something amazing about our affordable services that give you a professional job without compromising. Our cleaning professionals are friendly and personable in our approach to good business and will greet you with kindness and respect. Not only that, but we will watch out for your property and handle everything with care.

You are kept in the loop during the process and if there’s an area you want us to pay particular attention to then that’s not a problem. We consult with you in the end so you’re entirely happy with the job. If there are any adjustments you desire then we will continue to work until you’re satisfied!

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Now that you have insight into the advantageous opportunity that awaits you with our expert cleaners, it’s time to take action and contact us for a supreme cleaning service that is reliable and affordable. We are looking forward to deploying our team to your location and building a lasting business relationship where you can be secure in a clean home for years to come. This will take an immense amount of stress off your shoulders and we are happy to facilitate the process. Get started today and you will have life-changing results with a cleaner home where you can feel the difference!

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